Written by Kielia Lee /11 october 2021

This book is about a girl called Joy, who is actually a toy. Kielia is her human. She is Kielia’s toy bear. Her full name is Lavender Joy and Kielia’s full name is Kielia Lee Si Le.

Read below for the full story 🙂

Read below

Dear Diary, 

Joy said that you are her good mom. Not me or my mom. Kieona and Kierra like you too but love mom more. Joy says, “‘too.”

I say, “Say it, Joy. Kierra’s a good mom too.”

“I like Kierra too.”

“So you like Diary and Kierra?” I ask. “What about me, mom, dad and Kieona?”

Joy says, “No.” 

“Haha,” I say. “So me, mom, dad and Kieona not a good mom?”

“No,” says Joy.

“So do you love you?”

Joy asks, “So do you like Diary?”

“Yes,” I say.

“What about me, mom, dad, Kieona and Kierra?”

“No,” I say. 

“Haha,” say it.

“So do you like Ha Ha now?”


“Good.” I say.

“Yay, yay, yay! And so, do you like me now?”



“How about this?” I say, “Look at this!”

“WOW” says Joy, “You are good at this!”

“Yes,” I say.

“That’s good.”

“One day on a little pony… It’s a good pony.”

Joy is happy because a sea jog is now!

“So,” I say.

“Don’t say so.”

“Okay” I say.

“Good.” she says.

She’s happy.

“No,” she says.

“Okay,” I say, “Go see Love.

“Yay!” Joy says, ” I can see Love!”

“Okay, go!”

So Joy goes to Love.

“Hi Love”

“Hello Joy”

“My name is Love.”

“My name is Joy.”

“I am 1,”

“I am 2.”

“Bye, see you!”

10 o’clock

Yay! Sea jog!

“See,” she says.

“Yes, okay.” I say.

“Now look! We can take some food.”

“Yes,” Joy says, “Okay.”


One day, I see Joy in bed.

Joy asks is Love happy? Kielia 

yes i answer

oh so does Love like me?


oh okay she says

she look’s sad ,

don’t be sad, i say

she’s okay,

she can play the piano,

she can play to you,


says Joy,

“good girl”

 I say, “My real name is Lavender.”

“Ha ha! no it is not Lavender.”

” It is Joy,” I say

“but then mum came in to put Joy to bed.

“are you okay,

 i hear someone say

“who are you?

i ask,

“i am conway joe

 joy has died,

oh no

i say,

yes oh no

says conway joe.

why the book of joy and me?

joy’s real name is lavender, and she was locked in a box, so as i was going to write a book, i wrote the book of joy and me.

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