The Joy of Me

the joy of me

Written by Kielia Lee / 5 september

This book is about a girl called Joy, who is actually a toy. Kielia is her human. She is Kielia’s toy bear. Her full name is Lavender Joy and Kielia’s full name is Kielia Lee Si Le.

Read below for the full story 🙂 

Read below

Who are you?” I ask the part banana – part human – part bird standing in front of me.

 “I am Conway Joe, and I am your new god.”

 “Umm… Lavender has died.

You meant to say Joy has died, right?”

Conway replies, “Umm… yes,”

He looks uncertain.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Hmm… not really.” he pauses for a moment, “She wants to go to the jolly mill.”

“Up in the air?”


“Yes, and she is going now.”

“We have to tell her not to.”

“Oh, you can’t do it.”


“Because she can’t see you or hear you.”

“Oh, that is bad then.”

Conway agrees, “Yup.”

“Then how do i get her out?”

“Yes!” He exclaims suddenly.

 “Yes? Yes what?” I ask, confused.

“The dime stone.”

“The what stone?”

“The dime stone will help Joy see you.”


“Do you have this stone?”

 “No,” says Conway Joe sadly.

My heart sinks. What am I supposed to do now?

“It is in Never Wood,”

“In Never Wood?”

“But nobody has been able to get out of those woods.”

“I have to try, at least.”

I go into the woods.

Then I run, and run, and run.

 I go deeper into the woods.

Then… I find it!

she will be jolly again !

that is the joy of me.

Why the book the Joy of Me?

Joy’s real name is Lavender, and she was locked in a box, because little things were laying their eggs and pooping on her. So as I was going to write a book, I wrote the book the Joy of me.

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