About Me

My name is Kielia Lee.

Although I am in Primary 2 this year, I am only seven years old. This is because my birthday falls on 24th December - Christmas Eve!

My favorite people are Mom, Dad, Kieona and Kierra.

I would love to have a Chinchilla but Mom said I can only have it when I am able to take care of myself.

My favorite foods are Sushi, Lontong and Mom's Tomato Sauce Pasta.

I love playing the piano, gymnastics, swimming, eating, spending time with my family and watching movies.


虽然今年二年级,我现在只有七岁。那是因为我的生日刚好在十二月二十四日 - 圣诞前夕,也是平安夜。



我最喜欢吃寿司,Lontong, 还有妈妈煮的番茄将意大利面。